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After School & BLAST Summer

BLAST Summer Camp

BLAST is a summer day camp offered by Woodland Presbyterian School, located in East Memphis, from May 28-July 26 for campers in rising PK-8th grade. Our camps are packed with excitement, discovery, and adventure through organized play, STEAM challenges, digital discovery, and arts and crafts. BLAST offers a day camp, along with specialty camps, or a combination of both. View the camp brochure and register today!
Questions? Email or call 901-825-0588.

Before & After Care

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  • Before School Care

    Before School Care is available for grades PK-8. Drop-off is from 7:00-7:15 a.m. at the lower gymnasium door. There is a $3.00 per day fee for Before School Care billed monthly in Blackbaud Tuition Management.
  • After School Care

    • Dismissal to 6:00 p.m.
    • $5.50 per hour per child billed to your Blackbaud Tuition Management account monthly
    • Snack provided in classroom (students need to bring a water bottle) 
    • Homework time in a classroom
    • Outside play
    • Contact ASC/BLAST 901-825-0588
  • Pick-up Procedures

    Four parking signs are located in the parking lot in front of Haygood Gymnasium. Please park and text the ASC phone number 901.825.0588) with your child's name, grade, and make of car. You may enter through the Haygood Gymnasium entrance, down the stairs, and to the right to the ASC desk to sign your student out for the day.
  • B. E. A. M. S.

    Each week an ASC class will have a Book Day, Exercise Day, Arts & crafts Day, Movie Day, and a Stem Activity Day. One each day of the week. 

Spring 2024 ETC Classes (NEW Classes!)

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  • 3rd & 4th Homework Room

    Does your student need a quiet environment to complete their homework? 3rd and 4th grade homework room is the place for them.

    Conducted by Woodland teacher Mrs. Kimberly Vollmer who will go over spelling words, answer questions, and allow students to do their homework in a quiet environment. This is NOT a tutoring session or a class to check every answer on homework assignments. Mrs. Vollmer will pick your child up from after school care and then return them when class has ended. Please come to ASC checkout desk for pick up. You do NOT have to register if you registered in the fall.

    Days: M, T, Th
    January 8-May 9
    Time: 3:30-4:15 p.m.
    Grades: 3rd & 4th
    Cost $10 per day (billed monthly through Blackbaud)
    Teacher: Mrs. Vollmer
  • Gardeners Club

    The gardeners will design and build a patio in front of our stage. They will add plantings around the edge and provide a beautiful and less muddy area to enjoy our garden stage.  We will also work around campus and help tend the new additions to our arboretum where they will learn to identify some of the 34 varieties of trees. They will also plant herb and flower seeds in miniature greenhouses that grow into plants for our planters.  Finally,  will also have time to create in the outdoor kitchen, pond, fairy and dino gardens, and loose parts building areas., 
    Day: Tuesday
    March 19-April 30
    Grades: 1st-3rd 
    Time: 3:30-4:30
    Cost: $200
    Instructor: Ms. Jabbour
  • Green Thumbs

    Gardeners will plant vegetable and flower seeds in the miniature greenhouses to transfer to our raised bed after April 15th. They will also work the soil, mulch, water, and weed to provide a good growing environment for their plants! We will also make “worm tea” to water the plants with a special great! We will also have time to play in the outdoor kitchen, enjoy the pond visit with the fairies, and erupt the dinosaur volcano!

    Day: Tuesday
    March 19-April 23
    Grades: PK-SK 
    Time: 3:30-4:30
    Cost: $200
    Instructor: Ms. Jabbour
  • Kickstart Art

    Come and experiment with art in this class. Hidden Messages, shaving cream, ziploc bags, and color mixing will all be tested during this 6-week art class. Bring home a project a week!
    Day: Thursdays
    April 4-May 9
    Grades: PK-JK
    Time: 3:30-4:15
    Cost: $195
    Instructor: Mrs. Ryan
  • Little Medical School presents: Little Pediatrician School

    These future pediatricians will learn all about when a baby is born, how to care for their baby, and more. Students will take a disposable white coat, a plush baby, and an exclusive mini Baby Box for safe sleeping, a birth certificate, and more! We will begin with a white coat ceremony and end with a graduation ceremony.
    Day: Monday
    March 18-April 29
    Grades: 1st-4th
    Time:3:30- 4:30
    Cost: $165
    Instructor: LMS teacher
  • A.C.T.I.O.N.

    ACTION (Art, Choir, Theater in one night) is conducted by Woodland Presbyterian Church. A performing arts group sponsored by Woodland Presbyterian Church that meets every Wednesday in the church choir room. We learn songs, create art projects, and present a musical each December and May.
    ASC will send them to A.C.T.I.O.N on Wednesdays 

    Day: Wednesday 
    January 24-May8
    Times: 5:00-6:00 p.m.
    Grades: SK-5th grade
    Cost: FREE
    Teacher: Ms. Bettye Sue Johnston, WPC Choirmaster
  • Afternoon Tea

    Join Ms. Huffman on Mondays for a fun afternoon of tea, stories, songs, tea party games, and a special tea party snack each week. We will learn the basic etiquette of a tea party and have lots of fun!
    Day: Monday
    April 8-May 13
    Times: 3:30-4:15
    Grades: PK-JK girls 
    Cost: $160 
    Instructor: Ms. Huffman
  • Yu-Gi-Oh Club

    It's time to duel!
    Free to join, and you don't need your own cards! Beginners welcome!  This club will teach students how to play Yu-Gi-Oh and basic strategies. We hope to see you there!

    Day: Friday
    March 22-April 23
    Times: 3:30-4:15
    Grades: 3rd-8th
    Cost: FREE
    Instructor: ASC and Lee Prescott
  • Lego & Block Builders Club

    Come join us as we build and build and build! They will construct different things with Legos, Blocks, Magnetic Tiles and more. If you like to build and create then this is the class for you.

    Day: Tuesday
    April 2-May 7
    Times: 3:30-4:15 p.m.
    Grades: 1st-4th
    Cost: $75
    Teacher: Ms. Hutcheson
  • Friday Garden Fun!

    Come and see what we do in our Woodland garden. Friday Gardeners will plant, seed ,water, mulch and weed. All gardeners will enjoy all of the garden centers-outdoor kitchen, fairy  garden, sand tables, building and climbing area, digging bed, pond and dinosaur bed.They will also benefit from being outside and meeting new friends! We will do some fun projects and help beautify our campus. 
    Dates: Friday
    March 22-April 26
    Times: 3:30- 4:30
    Grades: PK-8th
    Cost: $25 per class
    Instructor: Ms. Jabbour
  • Middle School Homework Room

    Does your student need a quiet place to get their homework assignments completed? The Middle School Homework Room is your answer.

    Conducted by Middle School teacher Mrs. Julie Sully this is a quiet environment to get assignments completed each afternoon. This is NOT a tutoring session or a class to check every answer on homework assignments. The teacher will get students from after school care and then return them after class. 

    Days: M, T, W, Th
    January 8-May 9
    Times: 3:30-4:30 p.m.
    Grades: 5th-8th 
    Cost: $10 a visit (billed monthly through Blackbaud)
    Teacher: Mrs. Sully
  • Middle School Math Club

    Our goal is to promote a positive math mindset and culture at WPS! Students of all abilities are encouraged to join Math Club to experience learning in different ways alongside students from different grades. Come join us as we create school-wide math fun that all can enjoy! 
    Day: Monday
    March 18-April 29
    Times: 3:30- 4:15
    Grade: 5th -8th
    Cost: $115 
    Instructor: Ms. Bowers
    Limit: 15 students
  • Music with Ben

    Thirty-minute private music lessons by Ben Staton. Ben teaches guitar, ukulele, electric guitar, and piano. Ben is a graduate of Woodland and the University of Memphis and has been playing, singing, and composing music most of his life. Ben will email you to get the best day and time for your child's lessons. 
    Dates; M, T, Th, F 
    January 22-May 10
    Times: 3:30- 5:00 p.m.
    Grades: 1st-8th
    Cost: $125 (billed monthly through Blackbaud Tuition Management)
    Teacher: Ben Staton
  • Gymastics Fun

    Move, jump, flip, swing & balance! Learn and improve basic skills on the Floor, Bars, Balance Beam, and Vault/Mini-Tramp. Young athletes will develop strength, coordination, flexibility, and focus while building self-confidence and having fun! 

    Day: Thursday
    April 4-May 9
    Times: 3:30-4:15 p.m.
    Grades: PK & JK (JK register as pre-school)
    Cost: $165
    Teacher: Wings Gymnastics
  • Gymnastics Fundamentals

    Gymnasts will learn or build on beginning skills in 4 Olympic events: floor, bars, balance beam, and vault. With a little more focus on form and execution, these gymnasts will develop flexibility, strength, coordination, and confidence as they jump, flip, swing, handstand, and cartwheel!

    Day: Thursday
    April 4-May 9
    Times: 4:15-5:00 p.m.
    Grades: SK-2nd
    Cost: $165
    Teacher: Wings Gymnastics

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