Specialized Programs

Differentiated Learning

Our Breakthrough and SpARK programs meet the individual learning needs of students within the framework of Woodland’s curricular requirements. Supporting the belief that students learn in different ways, our learning specialists work with students, faculty, parents, and administrators to identify individual needs and decide how best to address those needs.

Breakthrough Academic Support

Woodland's Breakthrough program offers support for students in grades 1st – 8th with an average IQ and a diagnosed learning disability.

The Lower School Breakthrough program is a pullout program designed to meet the individual needs of students who have been diagnosed with a learning disability. Focusing on reading, a specially trained teacher works both individually and in small groups in the Breakthrough classroom, as well as provides support to students in their regular classroom to help them achieve academic success.

The Middle School Breakthrough Program is a support program for students with average and above average intellectual ability who have learning difficulties that interfere with progress in the classroom. The Breakthrough teacher provides guidance and assistance to the student and to his/her teachers in implementing accommodations that make it possible for the student to exhibit his/her knowledge and abilities in the classroom. The Breakthrough teacher guides the students in practicing a variety of study and test-taking skills using multi-sensory techniques and in making educated choices of strategies appropriate to the material to be mastered and to the students’ learning styles.

SpARK for Gifted Learners

SpARK (Special Abilities Reaching for Knowledge) is Woodland’s gifted program and serves the needs of students with high cognitive and academic ability. These children are identified by the criteria of IQ, standardized test results, grades, and teacher recommendation. SpARK is a pullout program in which students leave their classrooms once a week for approximately two hours to receive specific instruction in critical thinking, creative problem-solving, and research skills from teacher-created enrichment curricula. Students accumulate a portfolio of work and are evaluated at the end of each semester. 
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