School Life

The Arts

Woodland School offers visual arts, music classes, chorus, instrumental music, and theater in order to provide students with a core base of study in fine arts. The study of the creative process provides students with a means to appreciate the culture and understand each person's unique gifts. Artistic expression is encouraged in all areas of our program.

Visual Arts

Students in grades SK-6 have art classes built into their six-day schedule including pottery, mixed media, drawing, painting, chalk drawings, and art history. Art pieces are entered in local art contests and displayed on campus during Woodland's annual art show. Students in 8th grade have the opportunity to select an art elective by the semester while 7th graders have music. 

In Middle School art, students begin to dive deeper into the understanding of elements of art and principles of design using a variety of mediums. Students are introduced to more technical drawing skills such as shading, perspective, and learning to use a grid. Our classroom is equipped with a ceramic kiln so that students can learn the basics of hand-building. These skills are introduced in hopes of preparing a strong foundation for students to pursue a mastery of these skills in high school art. 

Performing Arts

Each year, students in JK through fourth grade stage a play complete with costumes and scenery and PK students perform in small groups for their parents. Favorite performing art traditions are the first grade Thanksgiving play, fourth grade Hawaiian Luau play, and the spring Middle School musical.


Learning music occurs through active participation so our youngest students begin studying music and movement. A student's music appreciation is developed through vocal and instrumental experiences. Students in grades PK through 6th grade display their talents regularly at various school programs including Grandparent's Day, the annual Christmas program, as well as 5th and 6th grade Chapel performances. Students in 7th grade participate in percussion class which includes instruction in basic snare drum and glockenspiel techniques with an emphasis on improving music literacy and fluency. Seventh graders perform at least once in Chapel during the school year.