Independence Allows Schools to Put Children First!

Posted by Adam Moore on 9/6/2016

Anniversaries are indeed exciting times to be part of an independent school community! We have the opportunity to celebrate sixty years at Woodland Presbyterian School and to reflect on the influence schools can have on entire communities.

Taking time to reflect on previous generations who helped build the foundation of our school is almost overwhelming. Each group including the founding board, first teachers like Mrs. Cristal, parents, student, volunteers, donors, grandparents, community members, teachers, and previous Heads of School has impacted Woodland and will continue to do so in the future. Our mission statement of embracing academic excellence, spiritual development, social consciousness, community collaboration, and a positive self-concept has been evident throughout our history.

While we are filled with nostalgia and smiles as we reminisce, no long-term and sustainable institution continues to thrive by looking back. While it is fun to celebrate and reflect on the past, it is really about moving ahead. I look forward to the next sixty years more than the past sixty years. Education has never been so exciting and student-centered than it is in the present. The educational advancements and options have exploded in the last decade, but one thing should remain constant in all schools - children should come first! Too often we learn of decisions being made in education that are not the best for children. The simple question of, “What is best for our children?” is something that, at times, appears to be lost in the world of education.

One of the unique facets of independent schools is that boards, administrators, and teachers at the individual school level make decisions. This allows the curriculum, policies, and programs to be structured in a way that fulfills the individual mission of the school for each child.

It is an honor it is to be a part of a Woodland community that has always put children first. Decisions that were made six decades ago still have an impact on our school and culture today. While times have changed immensely over the past sixty years, Woodland’s commitment to putting children first has not!