Differentiated Choices Builds Fine Motor Skills, by Diane Lucchesi

Posted by Amy Smythe on 10/18/2016 11:00:00 AM

Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor development is the strengthening and coordination of small muscles in the hands and fingers with the eyes. Early childhood students at Woodland often choose from a wide variety of fine motor activities. With the proper fine-motor strength the student will have the muscle control necessary to be successful with a marker, crayon, pencil, and scissors. These fundamental skills are necessary for future school success.

Here are a few favorite activities that our students love to choose from:

  • Stringing beads
  • Peeling and placing stickers
  • Screwing nuts and bolts together
  • Using tongs or tweezers to pick up small objects
  • Manipulating play-doh, clay, and therapy putty
  • Using paper hole punchers
  • Connecting and taking apart popper beads
  • Using unifix cubes, clothespins, turkey basters, and medicine droppers

Free choice gives our students the option to choose which activity is interesting to them thus motivating the student to strengthen their fine motor muscles. Early Childhood teachers at Woodland are dedicated to meeting the needs of all students and value the partnership between home and school. Therefore, students have good success using Fine Motor Take Home Kits that supplement the activities we do in the classroom especially for those who need the additional exercise. For more information on fun and interesting fine motor activities, you can visit the PreKinders web site at http://www.prekinders.com/fine-motor-skills/.

-Diane Lucchesi, Junior Kindergarten Teacher