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8.1.2020 EC and LS Hybrid Learning Plans

Dear Early Childhood and Lower School Parents,

I know that some of you are trying to decide whether you would like for your child to start school as planned or stay at home and participate in remote learning. While I strongly believe that many key developmental skills at all grade levels, but particularly for our younger students, are best learned in the context of a collaborative classroom led and facilitated by an experienced teacher, I also understand and respect that you have to make the decision with which you are most comfortable as a parent.

In hope that it may answer some of your questions about what hybrid remote learning will look like, below you will find a Hybrid Learning Plan for each division (Early Childhood and Lower School) for your review. The Hybrid Learning Plan, is a general overview of what to expect in terms of teaching and learning over the course of a day when learning from home.

If you choose to have your child learn from home, it is essential that he/she keep up with their schoolwork so that they are able to integrate easily back into the classroom when that time comes. For that reason, I also suggest that you adopt an 8am-3pm schedule for your child. In the Hybrid Learning Plan for each division, you will see a sample of what that schedule could look like. Times will change depending upon the times your child’s teacher sets for activities and on your family’s needs. Nonetheless, we know from research and experience that most children benefit the security and routine of a schedule of some kind.

The Hybrid Learning Plan also identifies expectations for at-home learning. This is basically an agreement between you and your child and the school acknowledging what is expected of the at-home learners. As an at-home learner, your child is an integral part of the class. He/she will participate with his/her classmates and teacher so that they will be ready educationally and socially to reenter the classroom with ease.

Thank you for entrusting your child to us. Regardless of your decision, your child is an invaluable part of our community.

Click below to review the Hybrid Learning Plan that pertains to you.

Early Childhood Hybrid Learning Plan (LW, PK, JK)

Lower School Hybrid Learning Plan
(SK, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th)


Cyndi Jordan, Ed.D. (aka Dr. J)