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7.31.2020 Start of the School Year Information from Mrs. Hackmeyer

Dear Middle School Parents,

We are looking forward to starting back to school in August. The middle school team and I want to make sure that you are ready for the school year and have all that your child needs in order to be successful. While it is our intent to start the school year in person and on campus, we will continue to update you regarding any schedule changes due to COVID-19. You may continue to reference Woodland’s Stronger Together Reentry Plan and any COVID-19 related communications here:

One important step our teachers have taken this summer is participating in a Professional Development Series presented by Woodland’s very own, talented teachers. The purpose of the summer professional development series is to prepare teachers with tools to implement in the classroom, as well as, use for the “at home” learner in the hybrid learning situation that will benefit all of Woodland’s learners.

As you begin to prepare for the 2020-2021 school year, I want to let you know of a few very important details listed below. Please call me, 901-685-0976 or email me if you have any questions,

Information to know about the school year:

•Summer Math and Reading assignments may be found on our school website here: Summer Math and Reading. These assignments are given in order to keep your child engaged with the concepts they have learned and will learn this new school year. These assignments are due the first week of school.

•Woodland students are required to wear uniforms purchased by Lands'End. Please refer to the guidelines found here, as well as place your order through the Lands'End school site. The Woodland Parent Organization is hosting a consignment sale this year on Facebook, which is a great option to purchase gently used uniforms. Please click here to join the group and start shopping.

•The first day of school is August 12th. School hours are 8:00-3:00.
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More information regarding specifics of the first day of school, carpool, lunch purchases, homeroom, and much more will be sent to you soon.

•Our middle school students are encouraged to participate in sports. All middle school students must have a sports physical on file before July 30, 2020. The forms may be found on the school website: click here. More information regarding the requirements for middle school sports will be coming soon from Coach Creasy, our Athletic Director. Please help us to get the forms completed so that your athlete is ready to participate in our great programs,

•New Families Website Section
You may also reference the section, New Families on the Woodland website for frequently asked questions.

•Your child will receive a postcard signed by all of the teachers for their grade level. We will not put together class lists until we have a final count on who will be attending class at school and who is planning on doing remote learning so that we can balance the classes. You will receive your child’s specific classroom assignment Friday of next week.

•I know you have received many communications from Nurse Gray and Mr. Moore regarding what the school is doing from a health and safety perspective. Please be sure to review these and be in touch with Nurse Gray if you have any specific questions. Reference: Woodland's Stronger Together Reentry Plan. I’d like to reiterate and stress a couple of things as they related to Middle School

o We have been busy moving and consolidating furniture so that every classroom is set up so that students have six feet intervals among themselves and the teachers. Students will be allowed to move, interact and collaborate in the classrooms as always. We will just be rethinking how we do this in order to allow adequate social distancing.

o All students will wear a mask. I strongly recommend that you have multiple masks for your child since they will need to be washed regularly. Students will be given breaks from their masks as they need and during scheduled times, but middle school students should be prepared to be in their masks most of the time while at school.

o We have added a number of outdoor learning spaces, so students can move outside their rooms and enjoy fresh air. In addition, we know that being in the fresh air is a great additional preventive measure when it comes to the virus.

o All students will have their own supplies and will not share classroom materials such as pencils, markers, rulers, etc. Any shared materials will be cleaned with disinfectant before another student may use it. Tables and materials will be wiped down at regular intervals throughout the day. As always, all school supplies will be provided by the school.

o We have added an additional lunch time, so that only two grades at a time are in the lunchroom so students can properly social distance. We will NOT have microwaves in the lunchroom this year, as these are high touch areas which we have no means of reliably cleaning between each use. If students bring their lunch, please be sure that they do not need to be heated.

o We are moving to a Monday – Friday schedule rather than an A through F schedule. Schedules will be given to students on the first day of school.

•Class orientations will be held virtually, and you will be receiving information about this soon.

•For students not attending school on campus at the start of the school year, a Hybrid Learning schedule will be provided. These students will join their classrooms virtually at the same time as students who are on campus. Woodland has invested in technology for each classroom that includes iPads mounted on mobile stands which will allow for students at home to be part of the class during direct teaching instruction. Students choosing Hybrid Learning will also participate in Specials’ classes; some of these will be Zoom classes and some will be recorded lessons. In addition, students participating in Hybrid Learning will be expected to follow guidelines and expectations which will be sent to you along with the schedule.

If we are required to follow a Remote Learning Schedule (when an entire class would be learning from home), a Remote Learning schedule will be provided at that time. The Remote Learning Schedule will allow for a combination of synchronous and asynchronous learning. Included in this combination are whole group Zoom Classes, small group Zoom Classes, group activities with classmates, individual support from teachers, along with the implementation of various online resources and tools.

•Reminder: On Saturday, August 1st, you will receive an email that asks you to make a choice between on campus learning and at home learning due by Tuesday August 4th. We are asking for an initial commitment to at home learning through Labor Day to help with the planning and organization of our teaching and learning. One week out from Labor Day we will ask you once again to make a choice between at home and in person learning which will extend through Fall Break.

In the days ahead, please be looking for additional communication with more specific details regarding the 2020-2021 school year. Thank you for your continued commitment and support. We are grateful for you and your family and look forward to partnering with you this school year.

Thank you, Angie Hackmeyer