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7.17.2020 Recommending Face Coverings for Woodland Students

Dear Woodland Community,

Thank you for your feedback on the survey for returning to school. We do plan on sending out a similar survey each week as the first day of school approaches. Woodland wants to be as responsive as possible to our families' needs while also following the local health department's guidance. Our school reopening plan has been shared with the Shelby County Health Department, and as soon as we hear back with suggestions and/or approval, we will share our plan with you.

Over the last couple of days, I have received quite a few questions from our parents regarding cloth face coverings for students. I know many of you have strong opinions on both sides of the face-covering recommendations. Our general philosophy is to begin school with what may be perceived as recommendations that are too cautious and relax as conditions improve rather than begin too lenient and regret we did not take extra precautions. This morning, the Le Bonheur/ UT Task Force for Safe School Re-openings held a roundtable discussion for educators and recommended students wear face coverings to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Our goal is to have students and faculty on campus as much as possible. Face coverings are one of the primary mitigation strategies that have proven to be quite effective in slowing the transmission of respiratory illnesses. There will be opportunities for students to have breaks from wearing the face coverings throughout the day (i.e., recess, lunch, outdoor time, etc.). Woodland has discussed with independent schools across the region, and nearly unanimously, all schools are moving forward with a similar approach to cloth face coverings.

At Woodland, cloth face coverings will need to be solid in color, or simple/basic patterns, favorite colleges or teams are allowed. Coverings with words or slogans will not be permitted. Land's End is selling school approved face-coverings through our uniform website for anyone interested. Also, frequent washing of the face-covering will be necessary, so please consider when ordering. We recommend getting your children accustomed to wearing a face covering over the next couple weeks.

We do expect more detailed information and guidance concerning face coverings and grade specific recommendations from the Le Bonheur/UT Task Force next week. We will incorporate those recommendations and those from the Shelby County Health Department into our current policies for returning to school.

Thank you for your continued support of Woodland.
Adam Moore