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7.9.2020 A Note from Mr. Moore: Finalizing Back to School Plans

Dear Woodland,
I hope all of you are enjoying your summertime! It has been great to see many of our students back on campus this week at our summer camp. If anyone is interested in registering for BLAST Summer Camp, click here. Seeing some of our students this week has made us even more excited about the upcoming school year. As the leadership team, faculty, & staff at Woodland are busy preparing for the 2020-2021 school year, I wanted to touch base with our WPS family.
The leadership team is finalizing our back to school plans, which we will present to the Shelby County Health Department in the coming days. Woodland shares the same goal as the American Academy of Pediatrics to have students physically present in school, as stated in their “Guidance for School Re-entry.” We plan to open the school year on campus August 11th for LW-1st grade and August 12th for all other students unless there is a government mandate that prohibits us from meeting in person. Our detailed health plan and information on the school year will be available in the coming weeks.
To view our previous communication from June 18th regarding Woodland’s Commitment and Plans for the School Year 2020-2021, click here
Adam Moore
Head of School