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5.1.2020 A Note from Mr. Moore and Mrs. Enterline: Blast Summer Camp Status

Dear Woodland Community and friends,

As we look towards summer with much anticipation, the Woodland team has put much thought and planning into ways we can have summer camp this summer. At this time, we have decided to delay the start of all Blast Summer Camp events at least until June 1st. In addition, Woodland Presbyterian Church’s Vacation Bible School originally planned for the week of June 1st has been postponed until further notice. Rest assured, Woodland wants to run our summer camp programs as badly as many of you want us to have them.

For any of you that signed up for a camp program for the week of May 26th, it will be credited to your Active accounts within the next 10 business days. You will be able to use credits for other camps and classes offered at a later date.

Woodland will be as proactive as possible in getting Blast Summer Day Camp open and running as soon as possible while always heeding the advice and guidance of state and local government. If we are unable to gather for Blast Summer Camp 2020, we will be holding many of the classes in a virtual way this summer.

We value your support and look forward to gathering at Woodland as soon as we are able. 

Adam Moore, Head of School

Murrey Enterline, ASC & BLAST Camp Director