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4.23.2020 A Note from Dr. J: Lower School Grading for 4th Quarter

Dear Lower School Parents,

It’s hard to believe that May is right around the corner! How different this final quarter is than what we all had hoped and imagined. We miss seeing your children more than words can express! Yet, I have been delighted to see growth in so many important areas for our kiddos. They are continuing to grow in their academic and curricular knowledge, but I am also hearing such wonderful stories of resilience, creativity and perseverance. I am also seeing incredible examples of incorporating a growth mindset into the things they do – academic, emotional, social and physical. I’m just so proud of your children, and my hat is off to all of you parents who are working so hard to help your child thrive in the midst of this pandemic. You and the teachers are my heroes.

I’ve received questions about how your children will be graded and assessed fourth quarter. Let me begin by saying that your teachers are carefully engaging in what we call formative assessment. They are looking at all the work collected from the children, whether it be written or in Zoom settings, and determining your child’s specific strengths and weaknesses as they relate to the curriculum. They are also reaching out to you to work in small groups with your child, so they can provide remediation or enrichment. Our focus is not on letter or number grades but on assessing where your child is in relation to where they need to be in order to go on to the next year and ensuring that they are there! While you may currently be receiving some letter or number grades, these are not for the purpose of determining an average for the quarter. Your child’s report card will consist of a written summary of their progress and skills. They will not have letter grades for the fourth quarter; rather we will focus on making sure that your child is ready for next year.

I know remote learning is tiring for both you and the kids, but I encourage you to press on. This is something we tell children this time of year even when we are in our physical space. Spring is just a challenge with all the wonderful outdoor temptations. I know it’s even harder when they have already been cooped up at home for a month. BUT we can do this! Remind your children that they can do hard things! Their teachers both want and need to hear from them. They will still be learning important new information through May 20, and we want everyone to be where they need to be for the Fall. If your child is having trouble completing work or attending Zoom meetings, please contact your child’s teacher. If you cannot get them, you are welcome to contact me at cjordan@woodlandschool.orgor at 901-273-7773.

Thank you for your partnership!

Cyndi Jordan

Early Childhood and Lower School Director