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Strategic Plan 2027 Head of School Update 9.30.21

Dear Woodland Community,

Woodland's Strategic Plan 2027 began last spring with a comprehensive stakeholder survey implemented by Kay Betts Consulting. Strategic Plan 2027 should be finalized and approved by the Board of Directors by early spring of 2022. The data and information that so many of you provided from the survey have been reviewed, discussed, and will continue to help guide Strategic Plan 2027. To view commendations from the survey results, click here.

Woodland has created four strategic planning work groups to focus on four focus areas for future planning and growth. These strategic planning task forces comprise current parents, alumni parents, faculty members, administrators, and members of the Board of Directors. Over the next couple of months, these four groups will meet, brainstorm, and help create the strategic initiatives that will guide Woodland for the next five to ten years. I am so thankful that all of you are a part of this exciting season at Woodland.

Alongside our strategic planning process is Woodland's Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS) reaccreditation. The next step in the process of reaccreditation will take place on October 21 and 22. Woodland will host Ms. Maria Madden, our SAIS Accreditation Chair and current Division Head at Heathwood Hall in Columbia, South Carolina. During this visit, Ms. Madden will review our Woodland School Snapshot, SAIS Standards, and Indicators to ensure Woodland is fulfilling our mission and that Woodland continues to meet the standards for SAIS Accreditation. The final step in the reaccreditation process will occur in April 2022 when the SAIS accreditation team, comprised of educational leaders from across the country, will visit Woodland. This final visit ensures we have fully met the standards for SAIS accreditation and includes a review of our Strategic Plan 2027.

In addition to these exciting plans for the future, I hope you will take the time to review all that we accomplished due to our Strategic Plan 2020. None of which would be possible without the continued support of the entire Woodland community!

Adam Moore
Head of School