• 1st-4th Grade Tuition & Fee (2022-23)

    Registration Fee**


    **For students new to Woodland due with returned contract.

    Deposit Due with Contract


    Tuition Balance after Deposit



    Woodland School Fee (2022-23)



    Woodland School Fee for First through Fourth Grades includes:

    •Back to School Supplies (All required start-up school supplies are given to the student during the first week of school.)

    •Student Textbooks, Workbooks, and Novels

    •Student Yearbook

    •Spring Field Day T-shirt and Lunch

    •Art Supplies

    •After-School Care and ETC Registration

    •Field Trips Student Related Expenses

    •Service Learning Project

    •House T-shirt

    •1st Grade Thanksgiving Feast (student meal cost)

    •4th Grade Luau

    •Smart Tuition Convenience Cost

    •Technology Infrastructure and Student Usage of Technology Equipment

    •Woodland Parent Organization Fee

    Funds used by the WPO for the following: Spring Auction Art Project Supplies, End of Year Class Party, Teacher Christmas Gift, 1st & 8th Grade Friend Christmas and End-of-the-Year Party, Homeroom Teacher Birthday Lunch and Gift, Class Play Supplies, End-of-Year Teacher Gift

    The Woodland School Fee is an all-inclusive fee, with no other required costs during the year.

    For your convenience, the Woodland School Fee can be paid in one installment or across your payment plan.

    Tuition Refund Protection Plan:

    Families are required to purchase the Tuition Refund Protection Plan unless paying in one or two installments. The Tuition Refund Protection Plan is 2.6% of the total yearly tuition. 

    Click here for Tuition Refund Protection Plan Information