Inquire about Middle School at Woodland Presbyterian School

Middle School at Woodland Presbyterian School

  • Woodland Presbyterian School’s middle school embraces the challenge of helping adolescent students to grow and become independent learners. Through a success-focused program, students are provided enrichment and support in order to help each child reach his or her full potential. The middle school team works to create a structured environment with a combination of relationship building through class trips, rigorous high school preparation in all academic areas, and leadership opportunities for all students.

    • English: Literature, composition, advanced writing concepts, research and public speaking
    • Math: Preparedness to Algebra and Algebra 1
    • Science: Lab based, addressing earth, life, and physical sciences
    • Social Studies: Geography, American History, and World History
    • Foreign Language: Spanish and Latin

    Academics, Athletics, and Arts are vital connections to developing young adolescents into self-confident young adults. Students attend student-led chapels as well as Bible classes weekly to instill fine moral character and leadership decision- making. Physical Education and the Arts are part of the core curriculum. Students have the opportunity to explore the creative process and cultivate an appreciation for fine art.

    Woodland Presbyterian School has a distinctively designed curriculum that is developed on four solid principles. Our curriculum is:

    • Child centered which allows us to meet each individual student and move them forward to the next level.
    • Knowledge based so that the curriculum offers a firm foundation of skills in order to give each child what is essential for productivity at the next level while applying, analyzing, and evaluating deeper concepts.
    • Cycling in order to allocate ample opportunity to perfect concepts by exposing children frequently to objectives that typically pose a challenge.
    • Ever-changing to facilitate current and meaningful content for all our students.

Graduation Speech, Dennis White, Class of 2021

  • When I was first told that I would have to write a speech and deliver it at graduation I was confused. Why me? My last attempt at giving a speech was three years ago when I ran for mayor of Biztown, and I really hope no one remembers that catastrophe too well. But as I thought about this opportunity, I realized I could use this to impart some knowledge to you all. Good evening everyone, my name is Dennis White, and on behalf of the class of 2021, I would like to thank our teachers and parents for their never-ending support, which has molded us into respectful, intelligent, and responsible young adults.

    Writing this speech was a struggle because there were so many memories and experiences throughout my 11 years at Woodland that I could share. I contemplated writing about change, loss, Mrs. Booten’s mispronunciation of arrow. But then, a balloon floated in. 

    While planning my sister’s graduation party, my mom bought a pack of black balloons. When I first saw them, I asked her why she had chosen black for a party. She then informed me of their special trait, these balloons could glow in the dark. While at first, the balloons looked dark and unfitting of a happy occasion, if you took a closer look, you would see their true meaning and value.

    Our grade is the exact opposite of these balloons in two ways.  First, we are incredibly loud, which can easily be observed in Latin class where we frequently have noisy mental breakdowns. Second, this grade makes no effort to hide its excellence. Because of our amazing teachers, we have achieved astounding things in terms of academics. We managed to not only master document analysis in history, but also learn the subtle art of fake laughing at dad jokes. Because of our coaches, we have won countless championships and broken a massive amount of records, specifically in track, soccer, and volleyball, and if it existed, we'd probably get the award for most likely to have someone break their wrist in a game of kickball. The amount of determination and passion my classmates have for their interests, whether it be making good grades, excelling at their respective sports, or avoiding going to after-school care never ceases to amaze me. We have truly embraced the Warrior Spirit. But what is the Warrior Spirit?

    To me, the Warrior Spirit is understanding and using everything Woodland has taught us in our day-to-day lives. Warrior Spirit is having compassion for others, recognizing the value of hard work, and believing we should always give our best, even if we know we can’t succeed in the classic sense. In the occasions that we do not necessarily win, our Warrior Spirit allows us to gain something out of the loss. I think it would be an understatement to say that this class has given its best. I believe that we have not only given our best but our all.

    This is the end of our Woodland careers. We’re moving on from a place where a lot of us have been our entire life. It might sound pretentious, but I really think Woodland will be incredibly different after we’re gone. I believe our mark and positive impact will be left on those who will follow us. Even though we’re graduating, there are lessons that have been ingrained in our minds, and friendships that have been ingrained in our hearts. And so, as I look back on the past eleven years of my life, I have nothing but gratitude for the teachers, friends, and parents that have influenced me. And even now as we head our separate ways, face new challenges, and make new friends, we know that no matter where we are, we will always be united by the Warrior Spirit in our hearts.  Go, Warriors!

Graduation 2020