Inquire About Early Childhood at Woodland

Early Childhood at Woodland Presbyterian School

  • Woodland Presbyterian School provides a vibrant and strong academic setting for its youngest learners. The curriculum engages children in hands-on, experiential learning to enhance comprehension and creativity. Weekly specials include library, music, Spanish, science lab and physical education. Small class sizes allow teachers to adapt the curriculum to meet individual needs. In response to children’s natural curiosities, there is time to explore concepts beyond what is sometimes planned.

    Play is valued as the mode through which young children learn. Time is dedicated to spontaneous play and building gross motor skills, balanced with playful learning opportunities where lesson plans come alive. Students learn about numbers, letters, colors and language in a way that also fosters socialization, imagination, and joy. Whether pretending to be ants in a colony or organs in the human body, students play and learn simultaneously. Here, play is as productive as it is fun.