6th Grade Social Studies

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     Hello Woodland Warriors,

    WELCOME TO SOCIAL STUDIES!!!  6th grade Social Studies will be an engaging class that will cover many different types of information.  This student-centered class will focus on “Our World.”  We will be learning about the different people, cultures, languages, and places that our world has to offer.  We will review and introduce some geography and map skills, which will be helpful throughout the course to have a better understanding of where the historical events that we are learning about took place.  We will also be covering a long period of World History beginning with the Agricultural Revolution all the way up to the Roman Empire.  As we learn about our world’s history this year, we will be creating our own interactive notebooks.  YOU, the students, will also have the opportunity to create your own civilization in this class. Your main objective in this class is to become a powerful thinker and create your own ideas.  Please feel free to contact me at agraham@woodlandschool.org if you ever have any questions.  It is going to be a great year!

Weekly Agenda

  • 6th Grade Weekly Assignments  Classroom Work   Homework 
    Monday, December 9th  Ancient India Dharma/Karma Continued  Ancient India Religion Worksheet 
    Tuesday, December 10th  Ancient India Caste System  Ancient India Caste System Homework 
    Wednesday, December 11th  Review Acient India  Study for Ancient India Test (Open Notes)
    Thursday, December 12th  Ancient India Data Based Questions Test  None 
    Friday, December 13th  Ancient China Part 1 None 

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