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    In 6th grade, students will learn exciting new science topics about our Earth and Solar System.  They will also learn the necessary skills to help them be successful in 7th grade science.  The 6th grade science curriculum can be broken down in to 2 parts.   During our exploration of SPACE, we will be learning about the moon, planets, and stars.  When we discover our EARTH, topics include plates tectonics, mountains, vocanoes, and earthquakes.  We will also be completing a STEM Exhibition Project. This project, including research, writing, and construction, will be completed in class.  We may just need a few supplies sent in from home.  Students will be given quizzes and tests throughout their learning.  Students are required to keep a "lapbook" for each chapter.  In this "lapbook," you will be able to find vocabulary, notes, and other important information for each lesson/chapter.

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My name is Allison Booten, and I’m so excited to be your child’s teacher this year. I went to the University of Memphis and graduated in 2007. This is my 12th year teaching and my 3rd year at Woodland. This such an amazing school, and I am so lucky to be here.

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