5th Grade Social Studies

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    WELCOME TO SOCIAL STUDIES!!! 5th grade Social Studies will be an engaging class that will cover many different types of historical information.  This class will focus on "Our Nation" and this means we will focus on learning about the United States of America (WHERE WE LIVE).  Students will participate in a student-centered classroom that will cover geography and map skills, which will be helpful throughout the course to present a better idea about where the historical events that we are learning about took place.  We will also be diving into 200 years of American History, beginning with the Industrial Revolution period up until the present day.  We will dig deep into these time periods and learn about how past people, past documents, and other past events have shaped the nation that we live in today.  As we learn about our nation's history this year, we will be creating our own interactive notebooks.  You, the students, will essentially be creating your own interactive notebooks.  Another component of this class will be an economic factor where the students will get to attend BizTown.  At BizTown students will get to see how a city is run and they will obtain a better understanding of the working world.  Students will have the ability to use what they are learning in school and apply those skills in real life scenarios.  Please contact me at agraham@woodlandschool.org if you have any questions.  It is going to be a great year!

    "We are not makers of history, we are made by history."

    -Martin Luther King Jr. 


Weekly Agenda

  • 5th Grade Weekly Assignments  Classroom Work   Homework 
    Monday, January 13th  Civil War - Battle of Gettysburg and Gettysburg Address  Gettysburg Address Reading Comprehension Worksheet 
    Tuesday, January 14th  Civil War - Siege of Vicksburg  None
    Wednesday, January 15th  Civil War - Siege of Vicksburg  Siege of Vicksburg Reading Comprehension Worksheet 
    Thursday, January 16th  Civil War Quiz  None
    Friday, January 17th  Surrender at Appomattox Courthouse  None 

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