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    Monday: Daily Math Sheet (DMS)

    Tuesday: DMS and get Tuesday Folders signed

    Wednesday: DMS

    Thursday: DMS



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4th Grade Parent Meeting Powerpoint

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Welcome to 4th Grade Math

  • Fourth grade math instruction uses a variety of methods and resources to help students reinforce previously taught skills, while introducing and strengthening new concepts. Using a variety of instructional methods such as technology, manipulatives, games, journal writing, and pencil and paper practice, children are given opportunities to explore math.

Weekly Math Skills

  • Conversions

    Area and Perimeter

    Coordinate Graphing

Welcome to 4th Grade Science


    Students are given many opportunities to discover the exciting world of Science. Through activities, experiments, reading, and research both in the science lab and the classroom, students will explore life science, earth science, and physical science.

Weekly Science Skills