Week of November 12, 2018

    Read for 20 minutes.

    (27) Southeast, Southwest, West, and Mountain Regions States & Capitals-test Nov. 19

    Spelling Lesson 12 - Test Friday, November 16

    Vocabulary Workshop Unit 13-test November 20

    English Sheet

    Social Studies Sheet




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4th Grade Schedule

  • A Day: Music

    B Day: PE and Spanish

    C Day: Library

    D Day: Chapel, PE, and Spanish

    E Day: Science Lab, Art, and Bible

    F Day: Chapel, PE, and STEAM

    **Lunch 11:55-12:25

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Language Arts

  • 4th Language Arts (Late)

    Reading class will not only consist of the reading text literature but will also include several novels. Vocabulary Workshop and spelling will be used for vocabulary development.  There will be many exciting activities to help encourage a lifelong love of reading!  English class will include grammar, parts of speech, and creative writing.

Language Arts Weekly Skills

  • Week of November 12, 2018

    Reading-Story for the week-"Just a Dream."  The vocabulary words are haze, shrieking, foul, crumpled, bulging, and waddled.  The skills are sequence of events, thesaurus use, compound words, and comprehension.

    English-We'll work on prepositions.  

    Spelling-Lesson 12

    Vocabulary Workshop - Unit 13





Language Arts Files

Social Studies

  • Social Studies

    In social studies, we will begin with a unit on map skills and the United States: Its Land and People.  We will learn all fifty states and capitals.  Later, the focus will be on the different regions of our country.  We'll study Tennessee History and then end the year with a unit on Hawaii.  Hawaii will include a major independent research project and culminate with a theatrical performance for the school and parents. The fourth graders will then enjoy an incredible luau lunch!  This has become a wonderful tradition treasured by all.

Social Studies Weekly Skills

  • Week of November 12, 2018


    States and Capitals-(27) southeast, southwest, west, and mountain regions states test Nov. 19

    Textbook-We will continue reading and working on locating information and learning about our National Government.