BLAST Summer Camp 2020

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Etc. Classes - Spring 2020

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After School Care: The Extended Day at Woodland

  • Woodland After School Care


     Welcome to After School Care at Woodland Presbyterian School!

     1. ASC has a planned schedule to follow where homework, choice play and outside time are all available to the students.  PK, JK, and SK will go outside and have a free choice play together.  During the winter months, ASC asks that students have a jacket available for outside play.  The same weather and temperature policies are followed that the school follows for outside play.

    2. Snack consists of dry cereal, Chex mix, popcorn, Cheese Nips, pretzels, veggie straws, and the like.  ASC always offers saltines, Ritz, or club crackers as a daily choice.  Lemonade or water is offered for a drink. 

    3. Students are automatically registered for ASC at the time of school registration.  ASC is billed $4.50 hourly.  A designated adult must come to the ASC check out desk and sign the student out of ASC each day.  ASC charges $2.00 a minute for after 6:00 pm pick up. ASC is billed monthly through Smart Tuition.  ASC runs from dismissal until 6:00 pm each day unless otherwise stated on the school calendar.

    4. Students are taken to their athletic practice if clothes are sent with students and practice is before 6:00 pm.

    5. “Warrior Quick Check Out”! Please send a text message to 901.825.0588 with the student’s name, grade, and the adult's name who is picking up your student. He will be waiting for you at the ASC check out desk upon arrival. 

     6. ETC Program that allows students to participate in additional classes that have been offered for the semester. These classes change from semester to semester.  They include all homework room classes, stringed instruments, and piano to name a few.  ASC will take and pick up students from these daily classes.

    7. Holiday Camps throughout the year and is open to all students.  The cost for holiday camp is $40.00 a day per student.  ASC must have 12 students registered and paid for the camps to run.  Holiday Camps are held for Fall Break, Christmas, and Spring Break holidays.  All checks need to be made out to Woodland Presbyterian School.

    Murrey Enterline, Director of ASC & Blast Summer Camp


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