Mission, Core Values, and Educational Philosophy

  • Mission, Core Values, and Educational Philosophy



    We embrace academic excellence, spiritual development, social consciousness, community collaboration, and a positive self-concept.

    Core Operating Principles

    • We provide a safe, nurturing, and Christ-centered learning environment. 

    • We believe education as a collaborative effort among teachers, students, and their families.

    • We seek to prepare our students to be contributing and productive members of society.  

    • We commit our community to the aim of seeing each child succeed to the greatest of his or her abilities.

    Educational Philosophy

    Woodland values the importance of balancing the many aspects of a child’s life and chooses experiences intended to foster the individual growth of the intellectual, spiritual, creative, physical, social, and emotional roots. 

    Woodland grows the potential of each child through differentiated instruction, small class sizes, and a challenging, yet supportive educational curriculum. 

    Woodland’s dedicated faculty believes in building a strong partnership with the child’s family and school community to facilitate continuous growth. 


    • individualizes and differentiates teaching and learning 

    • celebrates the potential in every student, in and out of the classroom

    • develops spiritual growth 

    • encourages social relationships 

    • recognizes student successes and failures as growth opportunities 

    The Woodland Graduate: 

    • prepares academically for future educational challenges.

    • makes choices that are guided by faith in God. 

    • effectively communicates and solves problems. 

    • shows compassion, serves others, and gives back to society. 

    • confidently seeks opportunities to learn and to grow.

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