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  • SK: ABC’s of the Bible 

    Objective: To help children know that God made them, loves them and that Jesus’s grace saves them.

    Each week students will hear a short lesson on that week's "letter" and then will take turns rotaing through 1 of 26 "mystery boxes" filled with fun activities that reinforce lessons through play.

  • 1st Grade: Key People and Stories—

    Objectives: As we study the Bible chronologically, focusing on the main people and stories, students will discover the pattern of a people striving and failing, yet pointing us to and preparing us for the coming of Jesus.


  • 2nd Grade: The Life of Jesus

2nd Grade: The Life of Jesus
  • 3rd Grade: Names of God

    Objecitves: (1) To know who God is & trust him more through learning the names he has given himself in the Bible. (2)To build a biblical theology beneath students to support their growing hearts and minds.

    I am super excited about this study, mainly because I have come across an amazing book, God's Names, by Sally Michael. I cannot rexommend this book enough to parents and honestly, anyone from ages 0-100. This book serves as the primary resource of the material I'll be using to plan these lessons. I should also mention this book too.

  • 4th: The Jesse Tree Project

    Objective: Through 25 Old and New Testament stories, students will see that the Bible is really telling one story: our need for a Savior in Jesus. 

    Beginning in Genesis, each week we will study significant stories from the Old to the New Testament, stories that give both a chronological and theological framework of seeing Jesus throughout all.  And yes, each student will leave 4th grade with their very own set of "ornaments" they've made, symbolizing what they have learned. 

    5th Grade: People and Peacemaker

    Objectives: 1. Students will learn how to prevent and resolve conflict in a constructive and biblically faithful manner. 2. Through mini-lessons focused on Bible characters, students will increase their understanding of God, themselves and our world. 

    Fifth graders will spend a majority of their year in Bible working through Corlette Sande's Error! Hyperlink reference not valid.

    6th Grade: Apologetics & Jesus Study

    Objective: Students will think critically about what they believe and why. We will: compare the Christian worldview with others; examine the validity of the Bible; and study the life of Jesus. 

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