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     Welcome to Ms. Magee's art room, where everyone is a part of the Art Crew. Here in Woodland Presbyterian School's art department, I strive to teach students to live a creative life, no matter what path they pursue as they grow. Art teaches students to view the world differently. In my classroom, students from SK-8th grade apply visual thinking strategies to discuss and analyze artwork as a group in order to learn how to explore the art in front of them and in turn, the world around them. My students learn to apply multiple elements of art (shape, color, line, form, texture, value, and space) in their own creations. 

    In the art room, I strive for students to grow in problem-solving, analytical thought, and of course, creativity. If I teach my students that they truly can LEARN to be creative and learn to make art, then I am a happy teacher. The students that come to me with the preconceived notion that art is only an inherent talent are the ones who need to experience art the most. My goals for this year are to help the students who already love art experience it in a deeper capacity and help the uncertain students to see the value of creativity and visual arts in their own lives. 


Get To Know Me!

Ms. Hope Magee



Degrees and Certifications:

BS Art Education Union University Art Teacher certification K-12

Ms. Hope Magee


I graduated from the Union University with a BS in Art Education. While attending the university, I completed a year long internship with a local public school in Jackson, TN. I specialized in painting throughout my studio classes at Union and today my current studio background is in abstract and non-representational paintings. While I enjoy painting, I also love exploring all mediums and forms of art. I think exploration and play is a key part of art, and I attempt to incorporate these actions in my own work and when teaching my students.

I look forward to a wonderful year full of art-making and creative energy with your students!

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