What Our Parents are Saying during Remote Learning

  • Parent of 1st Grade Student

    It has been nothing short of amazing how the staff at WPS has responded to the current pandemic. These are unprecedented times but the overall effort and the level of detail that they have put into the remote virtual learning experience for our children is beyond expectation. There has been little to no technological issues and the overall content has been very thought out and easy to follow for both students and parents. We are truly blessed to attend such a wonderful, wonderful school!

    Parent of Senior Kindergarten Student

    I was happy to see virtual learning is defined for each grade level and that clear lesson plans have been provided to us from the teachers.  Also, the teachers respond immediately if I have any questions and are happy to have 1 on 1 sessions with me or my child to help us through this crazy time. It is a challenge to keep up with my work during my busiest time of year, and keep my child on track, but I feel completely supported by his teachers and appreciate they recognize this is a difficult adjustment for everyone. Our teacher has been clear that she can help us adjust our lesson plan or approach if what we have is too much to manage.  

    Parent of 3rd and 6th Grade Students

    Virtual learning is a benefit to my boys in several ways. The lessons and activities that the teachers have been able to put together have been amazing. I have seen the boys learn each day, and they are becoming self-sufficient. I rarely have to help them with anything, and they are learning organizational skills. I am so glad we have virtual learning because it gives some sense of normalcy to our lives during this crazy time. Each morning they go to "school" in their designated spaces, and it has quickly become a routine.  I am enjoying seeing them learn and grow each day.

    Parent of 2nd, 3rd, and 6th Grade Students

    I have been absolutely blown away with the dedication, thoroughness and commitment Woodland has made to assure our children are getting the best possible care during this time of uncertainty and social distancing. The curriculum for each child is extremely well organized and I have so much confidence that my children are continuing to get a top notch education. Additionally, the teachers have been incredibly responsive to constantly being there (via email, text, zoom) with assistance pertaining to technical difficulties and helping the parents navigate all the components of virtual learning. The class zoom sessions as well as the one on one zoom sessions have helped the kids tremendously in feeling connected to others and cared about during this scary time. Thank you so much for everything. I have so much gratitude towards Woodland and could not be happier and more satisfied with how everyone has beyond “stepped up to the plate.”

    Parent of 2nd, 4th, and 5th Grade Students

    During this unprecedented time in human history resulting from COVID-19, students and families are navigating through uncharted waters.  Woodland and it’s amazing faculty/staff have successfully adapted to the times. They are effectively integrating technology-based learning into the students' learning experience each day.

    Whether a student is needing extra educational resources or is academically advanced, Woodland’s quality educators’ continually provide students with differentiated learning as well as engage families in meaningful activities and relationships each day.

    Finding a school that holistically blends academic excellence with individualized care and compassion for each little learner is extremely rare.  Our whole family is grateful to call Woodland home and we hope you will too!

    7th Grade Parent

    Woodlands’s transition to the virtual classroom has been seamless. The teachers and administration have communicated at every turn. They have gone out of their way to make sure we have everything we need. They even stood in front of the school twice to provide us with our materials. Because you know some kids don’t make it easy!

    5th Grade Parent

    Woodland’s dedication to continuing my son’s education during the Covid-19 quarantine has been unprecedented.  The amount of planning, daily connection to my child through digital modes, as well as the quick turn around in grading has made the entire process bearable.  I know that my son is continuing to learn. The appropriately adjusted academic rigor, daily challenges set by specialist teachers and routine class meetings have allowed stability for my son and our family. We are so blessed to be a part of the Woodland family.

    Pre-Kindergarten and 1st Grade Parent

    I honestly feel so blessed to be a part of the  Woodland family. The teachers have absolutely blown my mind with how hard they have worked to change everything they know about teaching at a moments notice! They have all worked tirelessly to make this as simple as possible for everyone, all while missing their kids so very much! I absolutely love our teachers and in a time of true crisis, they have shown exactly what it means to say that with hard work, team work, faith, love, and a positive attitude... ANYTHING is possible! Thank you Woodland teachers for truly making lemonade with the lemons you were given. We love you all!!!

    1st and 4th Grade Parent

    Imagine being a swim instructor and being told you can't host your classes in person anymore.  Your students still need to learn, but how do you do it? Well, Woodland has figured that out. How you handle yourself in adversity is a true reflection of character, and Woodland's character has never shone brighter than over the last couple of weeks.  I've never been prouder to be a part of the Woodland family.