Multiple Ways to Invest in a Woodland Education for Your Child

  • Woodland’s Financial Assistance Program through F.A.S.T.:

    Each year, Woodland Presbyterian School makes available a limited amount of funds to assist families who cannot meet the full cost of tuition. Here you will find Woodland's Financial Assistance Policy, as well as the Core Principals of Woodland's Financial Assistance Program.

    To apply for Financial Aid, access the F.A.S.T. Program website and follow the directions given. There is a small fee required to process this application. Once completed, the application will be available immediately for the Financial Aid Committee’s review. You may be contacted by the Business Office if additional information is needed.

    TN Department of Education’s, Educational Savings Accounts (ESA’s)

    For the 2020-2021 school year Woodland will accept ESA’s for students in grades Senior Kindergarten and First Grade. More information on the Education Savings Accounts can be found at the above website.

    To find out more information about ESA’s and to find out if your family qualifies for an ESA, check out the following website

    ESA’s provide approximately $7000 to attend participating private schools provided they meet the eligibility requirements that can be found here

    The Educational Savings Account program is funded and administrated by the Tennessee Department of Education.

    To qualify for the limited number of ESA’s the student must be zoned to attend a Shelby County School or Achievement School District school, be enrolled in a Tennessee public school for the prior year, or just moved to Tennessee, and/or entering Senior Kindergarten for the first time. Household income must not exceed $78,442 for a family of five, $66,950 for a family of four, $55,450 for a family of three, or $43,966 for a family of two.  

    Memphis Opportunity Scholarship Trust (M.O.S.T.): 

    The M.O.S.T. organization provides scholarships for qualifying students to attend private schools, M.O.S.T. promotes access to great schools for children in the Memphis area.

    To view eligibility requirements and application process visit the M.O.S.T. website.

    The application period for M.O.S.T. is during the month of February of the proceeding school year.

    Flexible Tuition Payment Options

    Woodland offers multiple payment options for parents including a 12-month payment plan that begins in June.  All families register with Smart Tuition Payment Management System by going to by May 15th or upon enrollment. The first payment for all payment plans is due no later than July 15th. For your convenience, extended payment plans begin as early as June 1st.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Tim Tatum, Admissions Director. or call (901) 685-0976.