What Our Parents Say

  • In a recent strategic planning survey, 96% of the Woodland community emphasized that they are "proud to belong to the Woodland community."

    In a recent strategic planning survey, 96% of the Woodland community state that "the current tuition is an investment that matches the return in value of a Woodland education." 

    My oldest daughter began her education at Woodland at the age of 3. She is now an 8th grader and I get teary-eyed just writing this. My family never imagined the last 11 years would have such an impact on us! Our experience with Woodland over the years is one of gratitude and love. The care of the faculty, administration, coaches, and after school personnel shows the kids every day is unbelievable. It honestly is one big family at this school. I have full trust in Woodland every day that my children's best interests are at heart. They are safe and loved in an outstanding, Christian environment. 

    Ashlie Lee (Jordan '17 & Logan '23)

    Woodland has done wonders for both of my boys. This is a school that just feels like home to my boys. They have installed an immeasurable amount of self-confidence and self-reliance in my children that have given them everything they need to succeed in high school and beyond.

    Mark Chiozza (John '14 & Matthew '17)

    Woodland has meant the world to my family and me.  You will never find a group of more Christ-like people in the faculty and administration at Woodland.  Both of my children have absolutely thrived at Woodland.  My daughter graduated from Woodland and we have been amazed at how prepared she has been for high school...her all-"A's" in every term, at her all-girls school, has made that very evident.  Woodland has not only prepared our children academically but has also helped instill self-confidence, that will be with them for a lifetime!  My son has 3 more years at Woodland, after this year, and we dread the day that we have to say goodbye to Woodland...we will be grateful to this school for the rest of our lives!

    Laurie Ellis (Libby '14 & Porter '20)

    My son graduated from Woodland in 2016 we are now more than ever thankful for the foundation Woodland has given him to excel in high school. He finished up the first quarter as a freshman with an exceptional GPA. As a freshman, he is taking all honors classes including Honors Latin 2, Honors History, Honors Biology, Master level Geometry, Honors English, and Art. He was well prepared for the transition into high school. Even after graduating he contacted two of his teachers to tell them how well he was doing. This only solidifies how he feels about WPS. The teachers are caring and pushed him to become the best that he could be. I thank God daily for bringing our family to Woodland. 

    Katie Foster (Alumni Parent, Class of 2016)

    One of the numerous evident concerns for your child is education.  And though we all as parents place a great deal of emphasis on this matter it’s encouraging to know that at Woodland our child is not only exposed to talented faculty but is also provided with spiritual fostering.  These life lessons can’t be taught from scholastic materials but rather a genuine love & care from Christian surroundings.      

    Parent, Class of 2023

    I never imagined that my child's learning environment could shape her in so many wonderful ways.  Woodland has given my daughter not only the learning skills to succeed but also the confidence to strive for higher achievement.  To our family Woodland is so much more than our school.  It is our home!  We truly are surrounded by love and support each and every day.  As an alumni, myself (class of '95) Woodland has been a part of my life for over 25 years and I wouldn't have it any other way!

    Christen Jones '95 (Abbey '22 & John Henry '27)

    It’s hard to believe we’re at the end of another school year and I would like to take a minute of your time to brag on your middle school teachers. The team that you have assembled are a phenomenal group of educators, mentors, coaches, and supporters who are all passionate about their jobs and the children they teach. Through this year they have all been quick to alert me to any concerns, offer suggestions, and provide additional encouragement for the positive development of my child. When attending another school, I always felt that my child was just one of many blank faces in the classroom and that the teachers never really saw her nor cared if she reached her full potential. I am extremely pleased with this unique treasure we found at Woodland, as the teachers are truly the ones who make the difference. From email updates, to phone calls, to face-to-face conferences, it almost feels like I have a group of private tutors all equally vested in making sure my child succeeds. This is just one of the many things that sets Woodland apart from the rest and sets my expectations very high when looking for a high school after next year.

    What has impressed me the most is that they continue to push and encourage my child as if she were their child; their constant care and compassion; nurturing and feeding of my child’s educational and spiritual growth to me demonstrates the true essence of a great teacher.

    An 8th Grade Parent

    Woodland is a special place. From our first phone call, I knew this was going to be a different experience. If you are looking for that little something extra, look no further. Woodland is an amazing experience all together. The genuine investment that these folks have in your children is apparent from the start and it doesn't end there! Woodland is filled with caring, loving and nurturing teachers AND staff. We have been so blessed to become a part of the Woodland family!

    Britt Clowdus (Scout '16)

    Woodland Presbyterian School is a very special place. You feel the warmth as soon as you enter the front doors.  The children are happy! Andrew and Bennett have grown emotionally, physically and educationally through their years at Woodland Presbyterian School.  The staff is competent and caring.  The teachers treat each child as if they were their own.

    Jennifer Kruchten (Andrew & Bennett '15)

    When considering a school for your child, you are in essence looking for a second home.  Woodland life is easy, supportive, caring, kind, and best of all, it has great educational benefits.  We are proud to be a part of Woodland School!

    James and Kim Crouse (Cannon '24)

    Becoming part of the Woodland family was a great decision for our daughter. Everyday we see smart and compassionate leaders guiding our child through educational opportunities that we know are building a strong foundation for her future.

    Michelle Wamble (Lily Grace '19)

    Woodland is a warm, inviting atmosphere where you feel that teachers and staff genuinely care about your children.

    Joann Bell (Anna Kay ’23 & Georgia ’21)

    Both of our children attended Woodland for 11 years. Woodland provides a close-knit, nurturing environment that prepares children well for the next phase of life and beyond.

    Todd and Allison Taylor (Katie ’09 & Will ’13)

    We could not have asked for a more caring, nurturing and supportive environment for our children than Woodland has provided. They have grown in so many ways during their time as part of the Woodland community. Best decision we could have made!

    Jon & Kim Vance (Shelton & Harper ’19)

    My son has attended Woodland for almost two years and I could not be more pleased with the school. The faculty is superb and honestly devoted to the students of Woodland. My son enjoys attending school as well as the many extra-curricular activities that Woodland offers. 

    Emily Acree (Luke ’21 & Ellie '26)

    When trying to choose a school, you want a safe learning environment for your child.  Woodland provided this for our daughter.  During her ten years at Woodland, the high quality of education she received prepared her for the future. The teachers at Woodland did this by challenging her to think on her own and work hard.  When she reached high school, she had such a solid early education she excelled in Honors and AP classes. This foundation carried her through college too. She received a scholarship to the college of her choice where she was on the Deans List.  Now, after graduating college, she is employed in a position that is challenging and requires her to have the ability to think on her own and process sensitive material.  It has come full circle.  What she received from Woodland is an education that will help her throughout her lifetime.

    Anderson, Alumni 2005

    From the moment we entered the doors at Woodland, we were greeted by warm and friendly people who were clearly invested in our daughter's success. The administrators, teachers, and staff welcomed our family and immediately made our daughter's first year of school a great one. She loves her school and looks forward to continuing her education at Woodland.  We chose Woodland because the curriculum was challenging but the environment was nurturing. Thus far we are pleased with our choice and pleased with our daughter's educational growth. We are happy to be apart of the Woodland family.

     Dr. and Mrs. Otis III and Angela Anderson (Alexis  '22 & Alex '26)

    Woodland has been the best choice for our son, and we couldn't be happier with how much he has thrived and learned in just 2 years there.  We look forward to sending our youngest son in the fall!  

    Carly Scoggin (Wilson '23 & Denton '25)

    We never knew a 4 year old could learn so much! I have been amazed at the things he has come home talking about since our son started at Woodland. Whether it was naming the bones in the body, pointing out states on a map, or talking about extinct dinosaurs, we have truly been amazed by his growth. Not only does he love going to school, but we as parents enjoy being part of the Woodland Family as well. We could not have asked for a better environment for our son. 

     Stacey Reinke (Parker  '24 & Brady '27)